Sourcing OK – Logo Redesign




Project Description

Sourcing OK is a creative sourcing agency with a wealth of experience in the development and sourcing of promotional products and covermount gifts. The company began with two friends who believed they could provide a better service with a unique, higher quality end product.

The company had outgrown its original branding, and felt that an update in design was required to fall more in line with the more premium position their brand had successfully established in the marketplace.

Using their already recognised colour palette, we worked through various parts of their identity to create a continuous theme which could also be deployed for any of their specialised sub‑brands. This enables them to visually differentiate between bespoke websites aimed at particular products, whilst maintaining the strong brand identity under the umbrella of the Sourcing OK aesthetic.



Project Details

Client Sourcing OK

Date September ’14

Skills Design

Location London


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