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What Happens Next?

What happens next is entirely dependant on whether you are the sole contributor to feedback, or if there are a team of people involved.


Sole Contributor:

If you approved your video: We will make the approved video file available for you as soon as possible.

If you have requested amendments: We will look over your requested amendments, and contact you directly to confirm if the change(s) are possible. Once we are agreed on what the best plan of action is, and how long the amendments will take. we will get them to you as soon as possible!


Team Approval Required:

If you approved your video: Please sit tight, we need to wait for the rest of the team to come back to us before we can deliver a final video.

If you have requested amendments: Once we have received feedback from all of the decision makers, we will collate all of the information and contact everyone together, to ensure there is no conflicting feedback, and that everyone is in agreement on what needs to change, before we start working on a new version.

What Are These Additional Edit Charges?

We have specifically designed our feedback process to avoid ever having to make you pay extra money for your edits.

The first set of amendments are included in our standard pricing structure; however, further amendments come at a cost. The reason for which is detailed below:


If you request an amendment to your video, whether you ask us to change 9 minutes of footage, or 1 second of footage, the entire video file needs to be regenerated from scratch. It is not simply a case of deleting one section and replacing it and saving it again, as you might find with a Word or Excel Document.

Depending on the complexity of an edit, it can take anywhere from a speedy 10 minutes up to a whopping 4 hours for the computer to generate just 1 minute of what you see on screen.


To illustrate how this can become problematic, let’s assume we have created you a 10 minute promotional video.

– Let’s also assume that this video takes around 1 hour to render, for every 1 minute you see on screen.

If you ask for 3 amendments and we  do them at once, a computer will take 10 hours to compile your final project once we have made the changes.

If however, we make the first change, and export it to show you, then make the second and so on and so forth; the same final product with 3 changes, would take us over 30 hours to produce. 


So, our amendment system is in place to protect everyone – and, if used properly, ensures that you should never have to spend a penny more for amendments in according with our standard pricing!





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