Sam Paganini – Exit (Official Video)

Project Description

The final track of Sam’s outstanding Satellite album is titled Exit.

Given the album name, and the title of this ambient track “Exit” we wanted to create a feeling that the audience could associate with the interaction humans have with nature. Starting in Space, we come down from the Satellites to witness nature itself, before seeing the man made impacts on our landscape and finally jettisoning back into space for our “Exit”.

The track itself is a beautiful piece of work, and a bold choice to put on a “techno” album, but it was an absolute pleasure to edit to, and really provides an outstanding soundtrack for the visuals which we used.

Visuals were all either supplied by free on, shot by the team ourselves, or made available on other fantastic websites offering stock footage.

We could not have made this video without this material, and please do contact us if you feel we have missed you in any credit, we promise it isn’t intentional!

Project Details

Client Sam Paganini

Date September ’14

Skills Filming, Editing

Location Out of this World.

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