Nicole Moudaber – Brooklyn Mirage


Project Description

There was a somewhat tragic, yet celebratory duality to this outstanding show at the Brooklyn Mirage popup venue for 2015.

The event itself was dedicated to Rob Fernandez, the New York city nightlife legend who was more than just a promoter to everyone who had the pleasure to meet him.

Rob had a true passion for helping orchestrate some of the most infamous nights in the NY underground scene, and was truly held in high esteem by everyone he knew. It seems everyone we spoke to who knew him had a plethora of stories about how he had helped them to make a name for themselves, or to break into a new territory, with a smile on his face that lit up a room.

Unfortunately Rob’s untimely passing meant he never saw this event come to fruition – however in his honour, the show went on. Nicole Moudaber and Friends dedicated this event to his memory, and put on exactly the sort of mind blowing party which Rob was known for.

Despite the rain, the venue remained absolutely packed until the end of Nicole and Victors outstanding closing back to back, with revellers ignoring the rain to dance outside once the warehouse reached capacity, grinning ear to ear.

We were thankful to be invited, and overwhelmed by the words from everyone we met about how much Rob meant to everyone. This was a humbling experience, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of creating this visual tribute.

Thank you to Chus & Ceballos for the interview footage of Rob, which we felt added a sign off to the video which we can all relate to when our job is our passion.


Project Details

Client Nicole Moudaber

Date September ’15

Skills Filming, Editing

Location Brooklyn, New York


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