Drumcode – Barbacoa @ El Row, Barcelona

Project Description

What happens when you take a bunch of world class Techno DJ’s, and host a barbecue in the glorious Catalonian sunshine?

We found out when Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Paul Ritch, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Jel Ford and Okain took a break from the decks, and tended to the skewers, risking life and limb (or burning their mixing fingers) over a firepit in a bid to be crowned the ultimate Techno-Chef.

With these impromptu Chefs bringing their culinary expertise from all over Europe, the capacity for some healthy competition was rampant. In a day blessed with great food, sunshine, company, (and a healthy dose of sheer tomfoolery) we want to thank everyone for the great time we had at El Row before the party got going into the evening.

As always, we had cameras at the ready to capture the madness, and we have it on good authority that this is the first, and the last time you will see Joseph Capriati cooking chicken – and to the best of our knowledge, no one got food poisoning.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Project Details

Client Drumcode
Date Summer ’12
Skills Filming, Editing, Direction
Location Barcelona, (ESP)

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