Dense & Pika – Press Shots


March 2017


On a (thankfully) sunny day in March I met up with Dense and Pika in a decidedly rural setting.

We tentatively circumnavigated an angry looking bull in a field to frolic in the woods reciting Alan Partridge quips, occasionally pausing to remember that the whole point of the day was to update an outdated press pack.

It’s sometimes hard to justify charging money as a photographer when it looks like you are just messing around and having fun doing what you enjoy, but then – Dense and Pika are DJs… That is part of their job too.

After a shoot day that was taken anything but seriously – it was time to sit at the screen for a day to work through what I shot. I was really happy with what came out, and thankfully they loved the photos too.

They ran in Mixmag the next week and have since been published in The Guardian.