Joseph Capriati – Autoritratto Documentary

The Brief

We were asked to create a documentary which would reflect Joseph, and where  he sits in the current techno landscape.

With Joseph’s rapid ascension to techno stardom, he wanted to pay tribute to Caserta, and Napoli, the places he grew up in southern Italy and where was influenced by the sights and sounds – and ultimately, the environment that let him on the path to becoming an Internationally recognised DJ.

Whilst Joseph may have moved to Barcelona now, it was important for him to show the world how much his home meant to him, and how much of what he believes is still deeply routed in Napolitan culture.

The Concept

Usually a documentary about a musical career comes about towards the end, or as it reaches its peak – whereas our task here was to catch an artist mid-ascent.

Rather than risk a glorified “plastic” look at the iconic DJ lifestyle, we wanted to explore a more fact-finding, and relatable approach. Something which artists, fans, and people without a clue what techno even is – could enjoy some take-home value. It’s essentially the tale of a young man, from a small mountainous town, and hi journey from local bars, to some of the most infamous, biggest clubs on the planet.

Watch the Documentary Here:

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Press Release

Documentary Released to great feedback from industry insiders and other DJ’s. Used as a fantastic tool to put Joseph’s story in front of those who wouldn’t ordinarily see it.

Released with the Album

Released as a two-part disk with Josephs album of the same name. Fantastic results came in for both the album, and the DVD, with fans citing that it was refreshing to be able to connect with an artist about personal matters away from the big lights of festivals.

Public Release on Youtube

With over a year having passed since the documentary was shot, and with a relaunch of Joseph’s online portals – it was a perfect opportunity to unleash the documentary amongst the masses who were unable to buy the DVD version. Since it’s release it has been watched over 20,000 times, with over 99% positive feedback.

  • Positive Feedback 99% 99%
  • Website Traffic 68% 68%
  • Twitter Activity 72% 72%
  • Facebook Activity 67% 67%

The Results Were Amazing

We knew it was a tall order to film the documentary in just 3 days, especially as this was to coincide with the very weekend that Joseph was to play the longest set he had played to date.

Working together when we could – and knowing when to get out of the way so that he could plan his set, enabled us to find a perfect equilibrium – and create a final film we are all proud of.